Veronica Bonnar

Being born in Berlin during a period of significant change and growth inspired Veronica to believe anything is possible when you work hard. She is passionate about helping others, whether it is succeeding in their work, studies or personal lives. This has led her to tutor other students at the University of Western Australia and mentor other females on their journey to success. Now calling Perth her home, she is an active member of the Australian Army Reserves. Having embraced the Australian way of life, you may find her sailing on the Sawn River on a windy day.

Veronica has worked as an engineer in construction for several years but has switched to Western Australia's bread and butter - the mining sector. She has worked as a project manager for BHP, where her job entailed managing day-to-day projects and ensuring their success.

Koorosh Khadembashi

Koorosh has always been intrigued by other cultures and their history, seeking and understanding how they succeed and fail and the systems that do this. He has been using the same vigour for the past decade, looking into economics, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Koorosh is an Oil and Gas Engineer with several years of field experience working on rigs in Australia, Holland, Denmark and the UK. He noticed how many companies were using complicated, expensive systems. None had what was needed - less bulky, concise software. He introduced solutions that created quicker turnarounds and provided a clearer view of outcomes.

Daruosh Khadembashi

Daruosh has always been a critical thinker, looking at how to improve things around him. He endeavours to find gaps and works on ideas to solve them. As an avid sportsman, he is currently trying his best to improve his handicap in golf.

Daruosh is a skilled project engineer with an eye for detail. He works on projects in Western Australia and Northern Territory throughout different fields, always focusing his efforts on ensuring communication and a clear understanding of tasks. He believes transparency is critical to success.

Kaveh Hadjari

Having two older brothers in the engineering space and living in Europe's tech capital, Sweden, Kaveh had the opportunity and guidance to pursue his interests in computer science. His logical thinking and his skills in mathematics have often produced almost magical solutions. Currently, he enjoys fostering that analytical problem-solving in his 2-year-old daughter by playing games with her.

Kaveh has been working in the web app development sector for over a decade. He's an expert on database architecture and front end design, with extensive experience designing fast-paced back-end infrastructures. Working in the Nordic area has allowed him to participate in many innovative products. He is currently serving as CTO at a news information startup in Stockholm.