Piksort reshapes how businesses capture, file and view images. Think Snapchat meets Dropbox, where stakeholders can effortlessly capture an image for others in the organisation to find and view.

Piksort leverages the best design practices from social media applications, creating a native user experience. At Piksort, we believe that even the best software in the world is useless without employee buy-in, so we have focussed on creating a user-friendly interface. In fact, you can expect the number of images to explode from day one as your colleagues share unlimited pictures, all neatly filed at your fingertips whenever you need them.

The phone application has three views that are intuitive to find. It opens up on its primary function, the camera, where you can capture and send - it's that easy!
The second view is the map and uploaded photos; the third is your gallery so that you can upload images from it.

Piksort aims to keep people focused on the job - not chasing data. Using machine learning and sensors on the users’ mobiles, all information will be presented clearly, and navigation is a breeze!

We use your phone's geolocation and the date to archive data. Pictures can also be tagged using pre-suggested keywords or a custom tag that can be added either before upload or later from the comfort of your office.

Get instant notification for a new upload by a particular user, picture tag, or location on the map - simply add these to your notification list. When any of the pictures that meet your criteria are uploaded to your database, you'll be notified with an incoming message.

We take care of the setup. So your colleagues at site don’t need to stress over learning something new, your organisation doesn’t have to deal with a messy filing system, and you don’t need to chase people for photos.